wife & mom

I live in the Ozark Mountains with my husband Shep and my son Sam. We enjoy riding four-wheelers, kayaking & throwing the football around.

counselor & coach

I'm a licensed counselor & certified coach, with a previous career in sales, marketing, & international sourcing. I love to write.

coffee gal & wine pal

I drink lattes with cinnamon powder & red wine from painted glasses. I covet time with my girlfriends. I'm bonkers about the beach.

hope-giver & purpose-liver

I believe every person is deeply loved, infinitely valuable, and absolutely here for a purpose. I want to do my part to spread the word.

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Credentials and Training

Here's a bit more about my professional journey.

I am a trained coach through Coach U, Transform Coach Academy, and Certified Story Coach Program and a licensed counselor. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Arkansas, a Master’s of Science in Community Counseling from John Brown University, and I'm certified in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory by The William Glasser Institute.

I am a Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing Education and hold counseling specializations with the Arkansas Counseling Board in Coaching and Technology Assisted Counseling.

Prior to my career shift into counseling, I served in a variety of sales, marketing, and international sourcing positions for retail suppliers. I later started an executive coaching and leadership training company. I then shifted my focus and began serving challenged teens in a local high school. In doing so, I began to see an urgent need for services that supported the whole family system. Working with passionate, creative, teenagers drove me back into a masters counseling program at John Brown University for a second career in counseling.

I now serve as a writer and coach supporting Purpose Dwellers everywhere.