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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Live Lighter by scheduling fun.

I often find it difficult to make time for fun.

Life is busy, right?

And it can be a bit boring at times. The same thing, day in and day, out can get monotonous.


I can (and am) choosing to have more fun in my every day life, but sometimes I need a change in scenery.

Like the trip I just made to Nashville.

It wasn’t easy to arrange, but it was the best thing I’ve done for my mental attitude in months. Extended time with my writer friends rescued me from an extended funk I’ve been in. (More on that later this week.)


But fun doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive or complicated.


Sometimes fun just needs to be scheduled.

I know that doesn’t sound super sexy, but it’s true.

For example-

My friend and I have been trying to schedule some time together. With life lists pressing in on both of us, it seemed easier to put it off than put it on the calendar.

But coming away from the Nashville trip, I realize how important it is for me to schedule fun. I would not have made that trip if I hadn’t planned ahead.

So I texted my friend and we decided when.

Next, I asked her, “What do you want to do?”

She texted back,

My mind is wide open. What sounds amazingly super fun? Like pee in your pants fun?

I went from quietly reading my phone to giggling like a third grader.

I typed back to my friend,

Right now I’m giddy about something new I think Jesus showed me on the way home from Nashville. It’s got me wound up big time. So, at this very moment, pee my pants fun sounds like brainstorming it and getting a plan to move forward.

How nerdy is that?

My message had barely delivered when I saw the moving “dot, dot, dots” telling me she was typing.

Her message came quickly,


And we confirmed a good place to brainstorm. We’re all set for Friday night.

That may not sound fun to everyone, but she gets me.

If we want to live lighter, we must schedule time to be with the people who get us.


Today’s Challenge-

Think of someone you enjoy and maybe even miss a little. (He or she may be living under your roof.)

Say or send a text to that person as follows,

“I want to schedule time with you. What sounds amazingly super fun? Like pee in your pants fun?”

(You can say it differently of course, but if the person is fun enough you want to spend time with them, I bet this will crack them up and good.)


“Scheduling fun” with people who love and support us is a way to put lighter living on our calendars and commit to making it happen.

Once we do, we have something concrete to look forward to!

I hope you’ll hop over to our Facebook group and tell us what fun you are scheduling!



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