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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Live Lighter by foregoing offense.

I often find myself getting offended by the silliest little things in a day.

I get my cockles up by a curious tone of voice, a perceived eye roll, a barely audible “huff,” a muttering under the breath- and that’s all before we get out of the house in the morning!

It’s actually kinda weird if I step out of my own skin and imagine observing myself with my family. I’m so much more tolerant of other people’s stuff than I am my own crew. (Sorry guys.)


It’s easier to let go than hold on.

Whether it’s with family or faculty or co-workers or commuters or clerks or clients…. our days stand to get significantly lighter when we drop the feeling of offense.


I feel silly (and tired) just thinking about how much effort my assuming takes.

All that reading between the lines and presupposing and surmising and calculating what is going on in the minds of other people based on their reactions with me.

Now, I don’t want to be obtuse and unaware. If my behavior is strongly affecting someone negatively, I hope to have my radar up for that.

But the majority of the time, I take on stuff that doesn’t belong to me. Stuff that wasn’t even about me to begin with.

So today,

I’m making a solid effort to easily and quickly let go of offense when I sense myself getting put off or ticked off by something someone else says or does.

I’m going to give it a shoulder shrug with a side head tilt. Raise my left eye brow and the left side of my mouth and say, “meh.” (This is my very innocent, “I dunno what just happened” face.)

Because really, I don’t know what just happened.

I’m going to assume the best instead of the worse and get back to whatever I’m doing without any stewing.

Want to try it with me?



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