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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Live Lighter by pinning that problem today.

Heavy Living often happens when we carry around our problems without taking a rest.

At least heavy living happens like this for me anyway.

I have a tendency not to take a break from my problems. I hold them close and tight like my son still (shhhh…) holds his two favorite stuffed cats. We call them “his guys.”

The difference is- “His guys” bring comfort. They are the first thing he grabs when he’s feeling overwhelmed or sad (and also sleepy or snuggly).

I think I do that with my problems- I turn to them when I’m feeling overwhelmed or sad. But they aren’t soft and safe.

Rather they are hard and prickly.

Why do I do that?

Why do I ruminate on trouble when I need to lay it down?

I think it’s a habit actually.

Just something I do without questioning why.

Lots of little things like that can funk up my life when I’m not aware.


Problems don’t me feel better.

They make me feel worse.

So today, I’m making a conscious effort to hang up my trouble. Purposely pinning that one I especially carry around with me most these days.

I’m not panicked.

I know me.

It will take all the willpower I can muster to just do it for a day.


No worries.

I won’t miss it too much. Or forget where I put it.

I feel sure it won’t wiggle loose and run away while I’m gone.

It will be there ready and waiting when I return.


But just maybe, when I come back, I’ll see it differently. Maybe I won’t feel the need to hold it too close or too tightly.


Want to join me and hang up one of your problems today?

It’s just a day…



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