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Monday, March 13, 2017

Live Lighter by bringing order

I logged off so hard yesterday, I forgot to go online last night and post today’s challenge! I didn’t remember until I was all comfy under the covers anyway. Which means I actually succeeded in living lighter- woo hoo!

How about you?


Is this weighing me down?

My garage has been a mess for a while now. And it’s one of those things that I ignore, therefore it just keeps getting messier.

If something is already sorta woolly or complicated, I don’t immediately try to make it better. It seems easier to blow it off instead of changing it.

But I think that’s because I over estimate the time it will take to bring order. And because getting started can be tough when it feels a mountain to climb. And because once I start, I tell myself I have to keep it up. And because I can feel overwhelmed by one more thing to keep up.


But yesterday, I knew I needed to do something that produced real results.

It seems like my days are mostly filled with the intangible, which just makes it plain hard to see and celebrate what’s really happening. Sure, I hope something is happening, but I can’t always see progress.

I can’t get that instant gratification buzz. Which frankly, I need sometimes.

So I put on my old clothes and went to work on the garage. Slowly but surely, one thing at at time. And after I got the garage cleaned up a bit, I remembered what even the smallest amount of order can do for my life.

It felt so rewarding to stand back and admire the outcome. An ordered garage lightened my load in a place I didn’t even know was heavy.


This morning I’m looking for something else small and tangible I can bring order to today. Because disorder can hold more heaviness than I sometimes realize.

Off the top of my head, I have several items from which to choose.

My calendar needs attention. I’ve got lists and sticky notes everywhere. What if I just pulled them all into one place?

My books are askew. I’ve got so many I want to read, they are stacked in piles staring at me. What if I just divided a shelf or two into “read” and “unread,” and put them there? The bonus will be, I can move a book at a time from one side to the other and see my “read” list getting longer. (Until I buy more books, which I’m impulsively driven to do.)


Is there something simple you could give some order to today?

Something that wouldn’t take a lot of time but would totally lighten your mind?

Want to join me?




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