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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Live Lighter by celebrating

It’s been a fun fourteen days.

This Live Lighter challenge came at the perfect time because I had already promised to lighten up, not knowing I’d be in the midst of some heavy lifting.

I love that what I actually need (more so than what I think I need) comes right on time. It always has and I trust it always will.

That’s what makes life so exciting- even when I don’t really know much beyond the moment.

And how can I really know much more than the moment?  Sure I can ponder, presume and plan, but in reality the future is largely out of my hands.


As my friend says, “We just have to show up, do our work, and see what happens.”

I love that.

And I love laughing and letting go of the things I can’t control anyway.

Laughing and letting go is obviously much lighter than crying and holding on like a kitten stuck at the top of a tapestry curtain. (I oughta know. I do both on a regular basis.)


But actually, that kitten has to be pretty brave, right? To start the climb to begin with?


Speaking of brave, I read something that really hit me as truth today.

Lucille Ball said,

“I’m not funny. What I am is brave.”

It struck me because it feels true. It took great courage to continually put her art, and essentially her heart, before the audience again again.


And isn’t that what we’re really doing as we live lighter?

Being courageous enough to stop trying to control and fix things.

Being bold enough to put a pin in the hard stuff  and take a day off.

Being brave enough to say I’m stretched, struggling, and still agree to apply Rule #6.

Being daring enough to really see other people and connect through Eye Ball smiles.

Being gutsy enough to pay it forward with no guarantee of anything in return.

Being fearless enough not to obsess over what others think of us.

Being stout enough to forego offense because we realize it’s probably not about us anyway.

Being self-confident enough to schedule fun because we deserve it and need special things to look forward to.

Being self-aware enough to notice what makes us laugh and invite more of that into our lives.


Today, I’m going to live lighter by celebrating the last 14 days.

I’m going to pat myself on the back for a life well-lived and look forward to the next fun thing we’re going to do together as mavericks and misfits.

Hint: It’s coming in April and I’m inviting in an “expert maverick” to help host it!

Happy Tuesday!






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