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Friday, March 17, 2017

This 1 simple thing has totally changed my life.

 I started using the social media site Quora last week. I received an email asking me to answer the following question-

How can I discover my purpose on earth?

I got goosebumps from head to toe as I read it.

This question echoed in the dark hallways of my head for a very long time.

But I realized I don’t struggle with it.

Not anymore.

Discovering life purpose is actually much simpler than I once thought.

I didn’t used to know this. I used to chase purpose like a dog chases a squirrel. Purpose seemed to scurry up a tree just when I thought I was near enough to grab it by the tail.

I spent years chasing the butt end of that squirrel- always believing my purpose was “out there” just one or two steps ahead of me. And, if I could just juke or jive or do the one thing thing differently, I could sneak up on it.

Eventually, I became very anxious that my purpose was going to pass me by. That I would get to the end of my life only to learn I’d missed it or that, maybe, it had been a puff of magician’s smoke to begin with.

I kept searching and praying and begging to know (all the while chasing it “out there”).

One cold January day, I woke up to a clear, audible statement that changed everything.

It said to me, “Your purpose is love. Love is the purpose of every person. How you each love out that love is unique and significant.”

I was so stunned, I got tripped up in the covers trying to grab a pen and paper. I knew something tremendous was happening.

And it was.

But what happened was not one big sonic boom like I once thought it would be. Neither was my purpose some external goal or success.

Rather my purpose lives within me. And within my days and hours should I choose to engage it. It’s a daily pursuit of Love. Love for God, others and myself.

Life still gets messy and hard- of course. Knowing my purpose doesn’t fix everything.

But it does make everything count. No experience- good, bad nor ugly- is for “not.” There is Love to be mined in a million ways in everything that happens to us in life.

You can discover purpose now by using the SOAK method-



Ask, “What is the most loving thing I can do next?”

Keep going.

SOAK is the way I discover my purpose each day.

The very best part is- the world heals and grows as I live this way. I see it happen all the time. Connection, surprises, forgiveness, laughter, kindness, and infinite other little joys and nuggets of awesomeness.

Love has the power to change things I cannot see or understand.

The second best part is this- it’s a constant adventure. I never get bored with it. It’s not one thing I’m “destined” to do the rest of my life. (Thank God. Because that would turn dreadfully boring at some point!)

You’ll find yourself fulfilled, too.

As a beautiful byproduct, you will find yourself choosing and serving and living out of your core strengths and interests- which is what most of us are longing to do deep down anyway.


Get the full SOAK method here plus a cool graphic to print or put on your phone.


I’d love to hear how it’s going as you experiment with the SOAK method. You can reach me via email (amy@purposedweller.com) or Facebook or leave a comment below.

Here’s to soaking on it,




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