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Day 3: Give it a home

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Our Day 3 Declutter note from Colleen


A lot of times, clutter accumulates because we don’t have a home for something.

This is a particular problem of mine, and it results in piles of things around the house: piles of papers on the kitchen counter, piles of magazines and books in the living room, piles of clothes in the bedroom … everywhere.


So today, we’re going to tackle the clutter of items that don’t have a home or aren’t in the home you’ve established for them.

Start by getting a laundry basket or other collection box, and look around the room.  See anything that doesn’t belong there, like Legos in the bathroom or socks on the living room floor? Put them in the basket. Move quickly, and as you go, take a few seconds (just a few! No long deliberations are necessary here) and assess whether you even want each item. Do you like it/use it/need it? If not, save it for the donation station.


Once you have put everything that belongs somewhere else into the basket, take those items to their homes and put them away.

When you come to something that doesn’t have a home, put it in the basket anyway. When you’re all done putting things away, go through the remaining homeless items, and figure out if you want them.


Ask yourself these questions:

Are you willing to dedicate a specific space in your house to each item?
Are you willing to clear out other stuff to make room for them, if need be?
If not, to the donation station it goes. If you are, then make a home for it right now.


A room at a time.

Depending on how much stuff is out of place at your house, you may just want to do one or two rooms today, but if you have more time, you can move room to room, putting away the items from the basket in each room as you go, and gathering up anything that goes somewhere else. Move around the house and end at the room where you started.


It’s not too late to join us for the challenge!  

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