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Day 4: Spice it up

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Our Day 4 Declutter note from Colleen


Decluttering the kitchen is a big job that can be broken down into small tasks.

So today, we’ll just start with a small, often-ignored part of it: the spice rack. No matter where you keep your spices, there are always some that are past their prime or that sit unused, shuffled to the back and neglected.
Well, after today, no more!


Here’s what we’ll do:

Start by gathering all your spices and putting them on the kitchen counter. Now look at the date on each one. If they have a best by date on them and are past it, then toss them. For those still within the date or that don’t have a date on them, we’ll open them up and take a look … and a sniff.


Depending on how the spices have been stored…

  • Whole spices can last 3-4 years.
  • Ground spices can last 2-3 years.
  • Dried herbs can last 1-3 years.
Remember that spices should have a nice aroma and a vibrant color.
Those that smell like dust or that should be green but are a dull brown have likely lost their potency. Feel free to get rid of those. Likewise, those that are sticky or clumped together probably got some moisture in them and should be thrown out.


You should be left with aromatic, colorful spices.

Now go through those that are left and determine which ones you actually use. Lots of times we have spices that we bought for one recipe that we haven’t made since. Find a new home for those (garbage, compost, a friend who loves to cook).
When you’re done, put back the spices you’ve kept, and add any you need to replace to your shopping list. You’ll have a nicely organized spice rack and you can look forward to some flavorful cooking!


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