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Day 11: Not-so-junky junk drawer

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Our Day 11 Declutter note from Colleen

We all have one-

The American junk drawer has become a standard part of the home, like a bedroom or a bathroom.

It’s a repository for all the little things that don’t really fit anywhere or that you need close to your home’s hub of activity. Things like pens, rubber bands, screwdrivers, twist ties for garbage bags, business cards, coupons … you name it, and it probably exists in a junk drawer somewhere in the United States.

Today we’re going to tame the junk drawer.

And because it can easily expand to be an hour-long activity, we’re going to do it fast.

First, before even opening the drawer, think about what you use on a daily or weekly basis.

Pens? Tape? Hammer? Checkbook? Junk drawers are for the things that are in heavy rotation. If you only need to use something once in a while, move it to another spot in the house. This will free up space in the drawer so you won’t need to dig through piles of junk to get what you need.
OK, now that you know the type of things you’ll be keeping in the drawer, get the garbage and recycling bins, and bring them over to your work space.

Empty the drawer out onto the work space.

Now grab the things you decided to keep and put them neatly in the drawer. If you have dividers, be sure to use them to make it easier to keep the drawer tidy. I like to repurpose tins and small boxes to keep things separated.

Great, the junk drawer is done!

Except now you probably have a pile of other junk on your workspace.

Here’s where we move extra quickly:

Toss everything that’s broken or out of ink or goes to something, but you don’t know what. Also get rid of excessive extras, like paper clips. I bet none of you have ever run out of paper clips.
Move quickly. Is that coupon expired? Recycle it. Have a bunch of push pins and no cork board? Garbage or donation station.

Everything you’re left with now needs to go to a new home.

Put those items away now: office supplies to the desk or file cabinet, tools to the tool box, coupons and business cards to your home binder. The home binder is the best solution I have found to tame paper clutter. It’s like a unicorn: magical, mythical, and only found by very few.
Want to learn more about the home binder?  I’ve got it all right here!
That’s it! Now go outside and enjoy springtime.



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