Build a coaching package based on
your time, needs, and budget.

amy crumpton, LAC, BCC
counselor and coach

I've found one problem hiring helping professionals-

One size does not fit all.

As clients, we have very different needs. Different problems, goals, time constraints, and budgets.  So when a helping professional offers only one way to work with them, we often pause and say, "I'd really like to but..."


We talk ourselves out of a life changing opportunity over the differences

I have any way. 


Yet, I understand the power and freedom we find once we say, "yes." 

That's why I've designed a system that encourages you to build your own package based on your individual needs. 


You are the client. 

You are why I do what I do. 

This process must work for you.


Choose single sessions or monthly packages.




single email session

you get:

  • same day response

  • a single issue addressed per your need

  • personalized support on your time table

  • amy, counselor & coach, at your fingertips!

perfect for:

  • situational advice

  • practical problem solving

  • "next step" planning and direction

  • seeing what email coaching is all about 

  • hot seat issue that needs to be resolved quickly



single phone session

you get:

  • 45 minute session

  • call checklist for clarity and focus

  • scheduling that fits your individual needs

  • amy, counselor & coach, on the other end of the line

perfect for:

  • expanding self-awareness 

  • an add-on to email coaching

  • evaluating your circumstances

  • learning to listen to God's leading

  • exploring options within your challenges 



single video session

you get:

  • 60 minute session

  • option to record coaching session

  • face-to-face support regardless of location

  • amy, counselor & coach, mono e mono

perfect for:

  • decision making

  • problem sovling

  • white-board visioning

  • single topic focus + plan 




email support each week

you get:

  • same day response

  • up to 3 issues addressed per week

  • personalized support on your time table

perfect for:

  • spiritual mentoring 

  • career development

  • relationship challenges

  • practical problem solving

  • goal setting & accountability  



phone + email support

you get:

  • 3-45 minute sessions

  • email support as needed 

  • Bonus: Fellow Dweller Club Monthly Membership for duration of coaching

perfect for:

  • exploring options

  • creating self-awareness

  • sorting through challenges

  • evaluating your circumstances

  • learning to listen to God's leading 



video, phone, & email support

you get:

  • 4- 45 minute sessions

  • video coaching with option to record coaching calls

  • email, call & text support between video coaching sessions as needed

  • Bonus: Fellow Dweller Club Monthly Membership for duration of coaching

perfect for:

  • executive coaching

  • white-board planning

  • confidential and private support

  • personal and professional strategizing

Experience to support you-

Board Certified Coach through
The Center for Credentialing Education

Story Coach & Transform Coach
Academy Certified

Licensed Counselor with specialties in
Technology Assisted Counseling & Coaching

10 years in corporate sales, marketing,
& international sourcing positions

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

Blogger; Author & Guest Writer

As seen on:

Dr. Eve Agee: Author & Founder of Transform Coach Academy

amy will help you connect more deeply to your purpose so you feel more fulfillment and love in every area of your life.


Wendi Phillips: Bank Marketing Manager, Wife & Mother

My weekly coaching calls with amy were soul-expanding & eye-opening. With kindness & gentleness, amy helped me see all God has for me. 


Heather Carpenter: Foster Care & Adoption Specialist

I would recommend purpose dweller to anyone who has the desire of understanding their significance or anyone who may be feeling "stuck." 

Milissa Roseburg: Photographer, Musician & Coach

amy's ability to see through my situation & pin point my desires kept me in line for my higher purpose. Her light & guidance is unique.