Create kick ass mornings with Jesus at the core.

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I'll guide you through my own process for 7 days via email. 
It takes less than 10 minutes a day to do!


My story-


I attended church. I believed in God.

But I didn't have a steady practice for spiritual growth or "quiet time."

I wanted a more meaningful relationship with Jesus but I didn't know where to start.‚Äč 

Study the Bible?
Say fancy prayers?
Memorize scripture?
Recite the Golden Rule?

It was awkward. And confusing. And guilt provoking. And way too much pressure. (Not at all motivating to get up even earlier to feel those crappy things before I headed off to work. The snooze button was sweet relief.)

But eventually the pain in my life outweighed the problem of figuring it out. I got desperate. I was failing at life. I needed a deep connection with Jesus more than I needed to do it "right." So I just started experimenting to see what worked for me. 


Fifteen years later, I've held fast to a daily morning ritual.

This habit has completely changed my life.

Saved my marriage.
Revealed my life purpose.
Led me into a career I love.
Repaired broken relationships.
Exponentially increased my happiness.
Taught me how to make wise decisions.

And most importantly, has given me "peace that passes all understanding," no matter what goes wrong in my life.


I have learned how to use my mornings practically and productively. And I want to share a bit of it with you


I want to teach you what I know.
I want to encouarge you. Stretch you. Invite you.
I want to share the insights that come on my own journey with Jesus.
I want you to experience your abundant life the way Jesus designs it.



Give me 7 days and I'll give you a life-changing habit.




"See you" inside!