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Saturday, May 13, 2017

9 quick ways to kick Analysis Paralysis in the ass

Question: I’m driving myself to insanity with over-thinking, self-analysis, self-doubt, self-loathing, internal misery and zero action. What the heck can I do to completely change my brain and actually enjoy my life?

1. Eat better food.

Seriously. Put down the packaged foods and pick up literally, anything fresh. I’ll leave nutrition tips to the experts. But if you feed your brain crap, you’ll brain will give you crap back. It needs fuel that will make it run like the super computer it really is.

2. Cut out the negativity.

Stop reading and watching all that negative stuff and stop engaging negative conversation. Avoid news media and social media for one day. Rate your mood on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 = curmudgeon, 5 = polly anna)  before the negativity diet. Rate it again after. See what you learn because negativity can make you nutty.

3. Do something for someone else.

Literally- anything. One nice gesture, kind word, apology, act of service, pay it forward moment… for someone else. Then do it again if that feels as good as it should. Do it until you get so lost in other people, you forget about yourself for a time.

4. Cut your”need to-do” list down to 3 specific things.

There’s too much stuff on it and you’re probably not doing most of it anyway. Your long to-do list is like a haunted house in your mind- slamming doors, scaring the guests, and being an invisible pain in your ass. Decide the 3 most important things on it and start with one.

5. Simplify your “want” list.

Don’t want everything; it’s too difficult and depressing. Narrow it down to only one thing you want in a 4 areas. Make it something you have say-so in and can be accomplished within the next 7 days.

Only one, positive, forward moving thing you want and have control over accomplishing in each areas-

1) Soul care
2) body care,
3) relationship care
4) work/career care

4 things. That’s it. Small, specific, and doable,  so you can call each one “done.” Write them down. Check them off.

6. “Don’t take yourself so goddamn serious.”

Compliments of Ben Zander in the The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life.

We do this, you and I. We take ourselves so seriously we can’t see past our soap opera drama. And if this statement makes toes curl and blood pressure pulse – it’s all the more important we do it.

7. Laugh like a villain.

I’m serious. Even better if you can find a mirror and watch yourself do it. Dig deep. Conjure up the best evil laugh you have from deep down in your belly. Laugh like a villain until you’re laughing for real.  If you can’t possibly bring yourself to do something so silly, see #6 above.

8. Go outside.

It’s easy to hide inside when we feel stuck. Go outside. Right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, windy, snowing, sleeting, or raining little green gum drops. Go.

9. Do something childish.

We often hear these words as derogatory. But let’s see childish things for what they most often are- free, joyful, alive. If you can do something childish with a child, that’s even better. They’ll help you get over your adultiness as you do it.

These 9 things in small, simple, steady, doses will ninja chop your analysis paralysis and get you moving in no time.

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