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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Jack-assery in the christian faith and how we change it.

Most of our inboxes are stuffed fuller than Sofia Vergara’s dresses.

I haven’t dropped in to your’s since early September. I know many of us have way too much going on to stop and read all our emails. But what if we could watch them?


Yes. I’m late to the video party.

YouTube and Facebook have known for a long time that many people prefer to “watch” their content.

But that is a very scary thing for a writer like me.


Writing words feels safe.

I can crawl inside them and make them say what I want. My words will march ahead bravely into the world, while I stay behind and make guacamole.

Bringing my face with the words feels dangerous.

There is nowhere to hide. That’s scary as hell.


But it’s not about me, is it?

And the moment I make it about me, I’ve ceased doing the thing I set out to do- which is sharing my own messes and miracles so they might be of some encouragement to other people who want a “for real” relationship with Jesus.


Most people have been exposed to some degree of jack-assery within the “christian” faith.

Some form of fearinsider language, judgment, exclusion, condemnation, control and/or good intention. I know I have been the backend of that jackass, wittingly and unwittingly, more times than I care to count.

Have you?

It’s okay; Jesus still loves you and I madly.

But the thing is…

As people who love Jesus, we need to be the first ones offering authenticity and vulnerability in the world.

It’s the only way people are going to see what Love in the face of real life looks like.

It’s easier to say than do, but not impossible.

It’s my goal to prove we can have open, honest conversations about being a Christian.

In spite of my fear of full frontal criticism (and seeing myself on a screen), I’m trying video. I’ve been doing it for eleven days. I’ll be doing it for 89 more through the end of 2017 as an experiment.

I’ll drop in Wednesdays with the highlight reels.

Click the pictures if you want to watch one-


Day 10/100: Vegas. “How can a good and loving God let tragedy happen?”

Day 6/100: Context. Every story has it; even when we disagree with each other.

Day 5/100: Jesus loves you. Even if someone told you otherwise.


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