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Monday, October 16, 2017

In search of courage.

Courage is not something I used to think about in my everyday life.

I’ve held the word “courage” at arm’s length. Far away from silly ol’ me, anyway.

Because “courage” doesn’t seem like a word I deserve to apply.

Nothing in my cushy life can compare to the efforts of our military, firemen, first responders, law enforcement, doctors, nurses and all the other professional brave women and men.

Their kind of courage has been especially fresh on my mind on the heels of September storms and shootings and life-altering tragedies.

But something happened.

I personally needed to make some big decisions in my little life. To let go of some things I thought defined me. To move forward where faith led me, yet fear had held me.

I asked Jesus,


I sensed it was a matter of my having more faith. Like that stupid mustard seed.

So I whined to Jesus,

“I don’t know what “faith” even means practically speaking!”

The word that came in the place of “faith?”


What I didn’t know before about “courage” and I’ve come to know now is…

Having faith is having courage.

Because courage distilled down to its essence, is actually trust.

Trust that, as I show up and give the very best of who I am, without holding back, things will be as they are supposed to be, according to the Grander Plan.

And I don’t have to be privy to the plan to be brave.


I think what our professional brave men and women know is this.

Courage doesn’t count the cost.

Courage trusts in something Braver and Bigger and Better than self, beyond what we can predict or contain or control.


It takes courage to live a not so little life.

Courage to be real.

Courage to be imperfect.

Courage to face my critics.

Courage to own my mistakes.

Courage to ask for forgiveness.

Courage to wait on God’s timing.

Courage to take inventory of my life.

Courage to be kind in the face of criticism.

Courage to try new things and screw them up.

Courage to accept circumstances I didn’t ask for.

Courage to love other people when they are hard to love.

Courage to trust God instead of trying to fix or control things.

Courage to keep going when I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.

Courage to face disappointment- in myself, in other people, and in my circumstances.


So, I set sail on a voyage to find more courage.

It’s been the central theme in my life for the last two weeks. (You can join me in the Fellow Dweller Club if you want the daily details on what I’m learning as I go.)


Today, I invite you to ask the question,

What do you need courage for this week?

Ask your life.

Ask yourself.

Ask Jesus.

Then move forward, knowing that your Trust unleashes Supernatural Strength.

Your courage will create more courage.

So you’ll find yourself doing more than you might think or imagine through the Power at work within you.

I know I have.

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