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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

ūüēį Are you tired of waiting for things to get better?

I am.

Yep, I’ve been known to wait around- hoping, wishing, expecting something to change.

And when it doesn’t-

I begin to say, “Woe is me.”

Conjure up excuses.

Point fingers.

Just like this guy in Jerusalem.

Who seemed to have good reason to justify and blame.

After all…

He’d been disabled for thirty-eight years.

He stayed near the Pool of Bethesda, where he hoped to find healing when the waters bubbled.

Jesus was in town for a festival; he saw the man lying close to the water. Jesus went over to him and asked,

Do you want to get well?

The man did¬†not¬†say “yes.” Instead, he said,

When the water is stirred, I don’t have anyone to put me in the pool. By the time I get there, somebody else is already in.

Jesus said to the man,

Get up.
Take your bedroll.
Start walking.

And the man did.

(John 5:1-18, The Message)

He was healed on the spot.

Why? What changed?

Jesus was there of course. Which always changes things.

But Jesus didn’t pull a rabbit from a hat.


Jesus told the man to do something.

Rather than feel sorry for himself.

Rather than make excuses about why he was stuck there.

Rather than blame other people for his situation.

He didn’t pity the man.

Jesus didn’t enable him.

Jesus didn’t make excuses for him.

He did the opposite.

Jesus believed in him.

He so deeply respected the man, he required him to do his part.

He gave him the command, “to take a stand.”

Jesus told the man to¬†do¬†what the man¬†didn’t¬†think he was capable of doing.

Something he’d been expecting someone¬†else¬†to do¬†for¬†him.

Something bigger and bolder than he’d tried in a long time,¬†if ever.

The man must have¬†seen¬†something reflected in Jesus’s eyes.

I think it was conviction. And courage.

Because he stood up, took his bedroll, and started walking.

It was only when the man took¬†responsibility,¬†at Jesus’s invitation, that his situation¬†changed.

When things aren’t working, we have two choices.

  1. We can sit around and wait for someone else to fix it.
  2. Or we can do something.

We can ask, “What is¬†my¬†part?”

We can listen.

We can get up.

We can start walking.

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