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Don't I look like Molly Shannon
from that old SNL skit when her character,
Mary Katherine Gallagher, smells her fingers
because she's nervous? Lol!

I attended church. I believed in God.


But I didn't know what to do with the "quiet time" thing.

Journal? Read the Bible? Fold my hands and pray? What was the "right way?"

It was awkward. Boring. Guilt provoking. And way too much pressure. (Not at all motivating to get up even earlier to feel those crappy things before I headed off to work.)


Eventually my pain outweighed the problem of figuring it out.

I got desperate. I was failing at life. I needed a deep connection with Jesus more than I needed to feign perfection.


So I got up 10 minutes earlier and began. 


Twenty years later, I'm still going because this habit has completely changed my life.

Saved my marriage.
Led me to work I love.
Taught me how to write.
Revealed my life purpose.
Healed badly broken relationships.
Given me real life tools in scripture.

Exponentially increased my happiness.
Taught me how to make wise decisions.


And most importantly, it has given me "peace that passes all understanding," no matter what goes wrong in my life.


I want to invite you into this amazing process I've discovered. 

I am so far from perfect it's not funny. (Or it's hilarious, if you're a "glass half full" kinda person.) I make lots of messes on a daily basis. But they aren't the same messes I used to make.

Day by day, Jesus is helping me become a better person. A kinder, braver, more forgiving, more fun, more transparent person.

I don't love messing up, but I'm not scared of messing up like I used to be. I know if I step out courageously and do my best, I can trust Jesus with the rest.

You can too.

If you'll give me 10 minutes of your morning, on weekdays, I'll show you how.  We'll grow together.

you get:

a short, simple morning email on weekdays

reflection questions and journaling prompts

amy's real life stories of struggling and seeking

every day applications for scripture

step-by-step spiritual transformation

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From other Fellow Dwellers...

I absolutely love your posts!!! In the business of life, it is such a gift to share life with you in this way. Authentic life. So glad that I am a Dweller with you.


Amy's morning devotional and reflection questions have helped me to really dig deeper into God's word and it has not seemed like such a daunting task.  I really love how she keeps it real and helps me see that it is easy to relate it to my everyday life and circumstances.  I am understanding how the Bible is as relevant to my life today as it was to the people it happened to in the past and how much better my life can be as I understand more about every chapter.  Amy doesn't pretend she has it all figured out which helps me see that I don't have it all figured out either and that it is ok if I am a hot mess some days.  On those days, I see that God can use a hot mess and the devotional always touches on a point that I need to focus on during these days.  I love that she is not afraid to let all her emotions show in the readings, at times, I can feel her enthusiasm by just reading the e-mail.  We are on this wonderful journey together.  She really cares and I love her so much.  This is a great way to start you mornings or end your day,either way it is well worth your time and energy.  I have learned so much and grown in my faith and understanding.  God Bless


You have become one of the two writers I have on my "must read" list of a morning (Richard Rohr is the other). You show a vulnerability that, I believe, is necessary in a faith journey. The understanding that we must dedicate our time and efforts to living and showing our commitment is reflected in your writings.​


Amy, since I started walking with you, couple years now, with Jesus it's the first thing I do along with coffee in morning. I look forward to it with joy. The way you convey the word with everyday happenings increases my understanding and its more meaningful for me. Alot of syncrisities/confirmations,without judgement. Not as narrow minded as some and yet still grounded in faith. Keep up the good work!


I just wanted to say thank you for Fellow Dweller.  I am not a morning person, but I understand how impactful mornings can be.  I look forward to my Fellow Dweller email every morning.  The content is uplifting, encouraging and powerful, and it is a quick read on a busy morning.  Sometimes, it even encourages me to get up a little earlier and dive deeper in my morning quiet time.  And, for those mornings where I hit the snooze instead, at least I know I'm getting some wonderful spiritual food before I start my day.


Your writing is so beautiful and empowering. For me, it’s better than any church I could attend. Thank you.