Hi! I'm amy.
I would love to help you become all you desire to be.


Do you long to follow your heart?

But can't find time because everyone needs a piece of your's?  Or maybe you're unclear about what your heart even longs for in the first place?

Do you feel frustrated, because it's your life and you should be able to live it the way you want? Then suddenly guilty and ashamed for feeling that way? 


I did.

So, I get it. I really do. I lived much of my life worrying about everyone else.  Trying to please everyone else. Trying to fix things everyone else


I found myself anxious, resentful, and run down. 

I had to take a long, hard look in the mirror. I didn't like the person staring back at me. She felt like a stranger in my own skin. 

But one day, instead of beating myself up like I'd done a million times before, I decided to do something different.

I decided to take responsibility for me. To stop feeling sorry for myself. To stop blaming other people for my feelings of  inadequacy, bitterness and defeat. To discern what I actuallly had control over and to take it. To do what was mine to do. To stop trying to "fix" everyone else and pour that energy into helping the one person I truly had jurisdiction over- myself.


That was a turning point for me.

I began making small changes in my life. Over time, they added up to big changes. Changes that have slowly but surely created the life I'm living now. A life I absolutely love.

Ironically, healing has come by putting myself first.

Healing for my heart. My relationships.  My mind. My body. My spirit.


It was time to stop putting myself on the back burner. Time to take excellent care of the one person I have control over- me.

Doing so saved my marriage. Clarified my priorities. Led me to work I love. Taught me how to write. Revealed my life purpose. Inspired me to eat cleaner. Strengthened my self-confidence. Empowered me to make decisions. Deepened my relationship with God. Gotten me in the best shape of my life. Helped me become a counselor & coach.


That's not to say my life is easy-breezy.

In my experience, life doesn't work that way. Rather than expect life to be one way and get pissed off when it's not, I've found it much more empowering to embrace challenges with courage and wisdom and perseverence. And to let challenges teach and train and strengthen me.


If you are ready to make real change- the time is now.

Because if you don't decide to take charge of and change your life for the better, who will?

"Nobody," that's who.


It's your turn.

To breath. To focus. To heal. To expand. To dream.

To find your confidence, your courage. To kick ass. Take names.

To take responsibility for and bring purpose to the one life you've been given authority over.

Your own.


I'm here to help you wake up to your life.

To respect and love and be sure of yourself. (Yes, you can. Yes, God wants you to.)

To put yourself first without feeling selfish or guilty. (Yes, it's possible. Yes, I'll show you how.) 

To uncover the strong and significant women within you. (Yes, she's in there. Yes, we will find her.)

To do and be more than you ever thought possible. (Yes, there is more. Yes, you may have it.)




Experience to support you-

Board Certified Coach through
The Center for Credentialing Education

Story Coach & Transform Coach
Academy Certified

Licensed Professional Counselor: specialties in
Technology Assisted Counseling & Coaching

L1 CrossFit Trainer & Coach

10 years in corporate sales, marketing,
& international sourcing positions

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

Blogger; Author & Guest Writer

wife & mom

I live in the Ozark Mountains with my husband, Shep, & my son, Sam. We enjoy riding four-wheelers, hunting & throwing the football around.

counselor & coach

I'm a licensed counselor & certified coach, with a previous career in sales, marketing, & international sourcing. I love to write.

beach pal & crossfit gal

I love books, red wine, words, silence, sand, saltwater, craft beer, coffee and CrossFit. That last one proves I can do hard things and not die. 

hope-giver & purpose-liver

I believe humans are deeply powerful, infinitely loved, and alive to thrive & make a contribution. I want to do my part to spread the word.

As seen on:

Dr. Eve Agee: Author & Founder of Transform Coach Academy

amy will help you connect more deeply to your purpose so you feel more fulfillment and love in every area of your life.


Wendi Phillips: Bank Marketing Executive

My weekly coaching calls with amy were soul-expanding & eye-opening. With kindness & gentleness, amy helped me see all God has for me. 


Heather Carpenter: Foster Care & Adoption Specialist

I would recommend purpose dweller to anyone who has the desire of understanding their significance or anyone who may be feeling "stuck." 

Milissa Roseburg: Photographer, Musician & Coach

amy's ability to see through my situation & pin point my desires kept me in line for my higher purpose. Her light & guidance is unique. 


Monica: Musician & Stylist

Before working with Amy, I thought, ‘If other people would get it together, my life would be great!’ She helped me see the value in doing my own work. This process has chiseled away my insecurities to reveal a strong, confident woman that I never knew was inside of me. If you put into practice even a portion of what Amy talks about, it will change your life.

Apply now.

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