Hi. I'm amy.


There was a time in my life when I hid in the bathroom at work.

I cried at the overwhelming state of my life. I felt far from any kind of purpose. Unsure how to climb out of the hole I was in.


My emotional state was crumbling.

I hated my soul-sucking job. My marriage was on the rocks. We were struggling with infertility. My spiritual walk had slowed to a wounded crawl. I was a taking terrible care of my body. 


I found myself in a motel room, lying face down on a germy bedspread.

As I pulled myself up, it felt like my body was full of lead. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me- she was a hot mess.

As I stood frozen before my own reflection, I realized my very first step would require surrender… a laying down of my ego, my control, and my soul.

I begged God to help me find my way forward.


That night, I began my real work.

I decided, whatever it took, I'd find the courage to change.

I'd learn to listen- to my own heart and to God’s leading. I'd stop trying so hard to please other people and focus on pleasing God first.

I would own the issues that kept me stuck. Pursue my purpose. And, with God's help, live into my created capacity.


That was sixteen years ago.

Today, I'm doing work I adore- as a paid writer, licensed therapist and certified coach. I'm married to the same man and we have a 13 year old son. At 45, I'm in the greatest shape of my life.

I'm quicker to connect and live from my essence- that place where my spirit and The Divine- beautifully dance. I feel a more intimate connection with God each day.

Like all great adventures, there've been peaks and valleys to persevere.



I find myself living in the sweet spot.

Not because my life lacks obstacles, but because obstacles take me deeper into the journey.

I'm continually learning what to do with the enevitable pain in life. How to march onward with courage and holy confidence. Which ironically, increases the joy I'm able to experience.


As your coach, I can help you do the same.

In much less time than it has taken me!



Bonus enrollment in my weekday devotional club with each package!



weekly support via email

you get:

  • same day response

  • up to 2 issues addressed per week

  • Bonus: weekday spiritual content and reflection prompts from The Fellow Dweller Club


perfect for:

  • personalized support on your time table

  • spiritual mentoring

  • practical problem solving

  • goal setting & accountability  



bi-monthly support via phone

you get:

  • 2- 60 minute sessions per month

  • email support between sessions as needed

  • Bonus: weekday spiritual content and reflection prompts from The Fellow Dweller Club


perfect for:

  • exploring options

  • creating self-awareness

  • sorting through challenges

  • evaluating your circumstances

  • learning to listen to God's leading 



in-person + phone + email + text

you get:

    • 3- in-person sessions (60-80 minutes)

    • plus phone, email & text support

    • connect with amy between sessions as you need to!

    • Bonus: weekday spiritual content and reflection prompts from The Fellow Dweller Club


      perfect for:

    • executive coaching

    • career advancement

    • white-board planning

    • confidential and private support

    • personal and professional strategizing

Experience to support you-

Board Certified Coach through
The Center for Credentialing Education

Story Coach & Transform Coach
Academy Certified

Licensed Counselor with specialties in
Technology Assisted Counseling & Coaching

10 years in corporate sales, marketing,
& international sourcing positions

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner

Blogger; Author & Guest Writer

As seen on:

Dr. Eve Agee: Author & Founder of Transform Coach Academy

amy will help you connect more deeply to your purpose so you feel more fulfillment and love in every area of your life.


Wendi Phillips: Bank Marketing Manager, Wife & Mother

My weekly coaching calls with amy were soul-expanding & eye-opening. With kindness & gentleness, amy helped me see all God has for me. 


Heather Carpenter: Foster Care & Adoption Specialist

I would recommend purpose dweller to anyone who has the desire of understanding their significance or anyone who may be feeling "stuck." 

Milissa Roseburg: Photographer, Musician & Coach

amy's ability to see through my situation & pin point my desires kept me in line for my higher purpose. Her light & guidance is unique.