Hi! I'm amy.
I teach people how to own their mornings and change their lives.

Owning my mornings has...

Saved my marriage. 
Led me to work I love. 
Taught me how to write.
Revealed my life purpose. 
Inspired me to eat cleaner.
Made me a counselor & coach.
Strengthened my self-confidence.
Empowered me to make decisions. 
Developed my body for optimum fitness.

What can it do for you?

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As seen on:

wife & mom

I live in the Ozark Mountains (US) with my husband Shep & my son Sam. We enjoy riding four-wheelers, kayaking & throwing the football around.

counselor & coach

I'm a licensed counselor & certified coach, with a previous career in sales, marketing, & international sourcing. I love to write.

coffee gal & wine pal

I drink lattes with cinnamon powder & red wine from painted glasses. I covet time with my girlfriends. I'm bonkers about the beach.

hope-giver & purpose-liver

I believe humans are deeply powerful, infinitely loved, and alive to thrive & make a contribution. I want to do my part to spread the word.

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(479) 366-8005