Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and misunderstood?


Do you feel selfish for wanting more from your life? 

As women, we’ve largely been taught everyone else must come first. In this insightful and personal book, licensed counselor and certified coach, amy crumpton, takes you on a journey to uncover why putting yourself first is not only moral and unselfish, but the thing you must do to love and lead others from a place of strength and significance.

You will...

  • Finally understand why prioritizing your own needs has been so difficult
  • Reclaim time in your busy schedule that you aren’t even aware is there
  • Use that reclaimed time to your utmost advantage
  • Learn how to stop comparing yourself and your life with those around you
  • Find sensible ways to overcome anxiety and self-doubt
  • Know what meaningful action you need to take and have a plan to take it. 
  • Experience more self-confidence and courage as you understand why you matter so much
  • Live intentionally as you meet and exceed your personal expectations and professional goals, one by one. 


Me First Mornings is part memoir and part method, filled with intimate stories, clinical experience, and wisdom earned in the trenches.

This book will embolden women who want more.
Women who are no longer ashamed to admit it.

What early readers are saying about the "Me First in the Mornings"

Celi: graphic artist, designer, adventurer

Your writing is SO. GOOD. It moved me to tears. This reads with such honesty and clarity. It feels relatable, human, and just plain funny. I'm excited to see more. 

Qat: Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Editor

OMG I love this! This is great. FANTASTIC opening. So relatable.

Clia: yoga instructor, life coach, entrepreneur

Amy this is so amazing. You have created something incredible to both serve yourself and to serve any woman willing to engage your process. I CANNOT WAIT to see what's next.

Colleen: free-lance writer and photographer

I feel like Amy has read my mind! So many of the struggles she mentions are things I struggle with myself. Having Amy’s book is like having a good friend to help guide and support you on a path to living your best life. 

Michele: school administrator, fitness coach

I love you and I love this book and I want to read it all NOW! The questions at the end got me in the gut. I'm going to print them out and hang them up so I can ask them often.

Kathleen: veteran, nurse, consultant

THIS is phenomal! You have me on the edge of my seat, so to speak. I want the book NOW!!! This is SO SO GOOD.

Monica: musician

Before working with Amy, I thought, ‘If other people would get it together, my life would be great!’ She helped me see the value in doing my own work. This process has chiseled away my insecurities to reveal a strong, confident woman that I never knew was inside of me. If you put into practice even a portion of what Amy talks about, it will change your life.

Deb: mom, grandmom, seamstress

I have struggled with guilt all my life. I was taught that putting yourself first was selfish. This method has opened up a whole new world for me. I am learning to be the person I want to be in this world. I have been amazed at the difference it has made in me. I love this book!